Sumi-e Workshop

When:  27 & 28 February 2016
How much:   $150 for two days (members and students); $180 (non-members)
What you need:   Japanese brush, Calligraphy ink (sumie), Japanese paper.  (More details will be given to participants later)

Our long awaited Sumi-e work shop is finally here!
Sumi-e is originally from China and it is spiritually rooted in ZEN Buddhism.  In Japan its art of concentration, clarity and simplicity was paralleled in the calm and tranquillity of Samurai Code of Conduct.   Today, becoming a master Sumi-e artist requires the same investment of effort and time in rigorous training and discipline.   (You can Google “History of Sumi-e” for more info.)
Our tutor is a Japanese lady called Emi Kamataki who lives in Melbourne. She learnt Calligraphy and painting as a child.  In 2005, the International Sumi-e Association ran a Sumi-e work shop in Melbourne and since then she studies this art form in Melbourne and Tokyo. She is now certified as an advanced lecturer and has been awarded at the exhibition in Tokyo.  Apart from exhibiting her art in Japan, China, France and Estonia, she also teaches at school as an artist in residence as well as runs classes for adult groups and also gives private lessons.  She loves this simple yet deep art of brush, ink and paper combined and is looking for further possibilities of Sumi-e to develop her own style.
Places are strictly limited to a minimum of eight to a maximum of twelve participants to make this workshop worthwhile.   This is rather short notice.  However, quite a few people are already showing interest, so be quick to put your name down!!   Fees need to be paid in full no later than the 1st  February.  I can purchase and make up a basic kit which will have a Japanese brush, ink, paper and mat for the cost price of around $15.  Please let me know before the 10th February, if you wish to purchase a kit.

Members wishing to attend the workshop please complete the application form (click here to download form) and forward to the Treasurer with payment.
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