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Report from Stephen McCall Workshop

A good time was had by all on the weekend of the 18th and 19th July at the Stephen McCall mixed media/pastel workshop.  On day one, using white suede paper, we were shown how to do a complimentary or contrast underpainting using watercolours or acrylics to paint a seascape. Some of this underpainting was allowed to show through on the finished art piece which really had the colours bouncing off each other and gave great depth to the painting.The use of clear pastel primer on a headland gave us texture to then go over with our pastels. On Sunday we were shown how off-cuts of matt board can be recycled as painting boards using paint with or without clear pastel primer or Art Spectrum coloured pastel primer…We then worked on our own photos with Stephen as our guide,  using the skills we’d learnt the day before. Morning and afternoon tea was delicious thanks to Judy Balfour and participating members.
Carol Gilbert

Local Bright artist Stephen McCall will be leading an AWAS Mixed Media workshop on the weekend of 18th and 19th July 2015, to be held from 10am to 4pm at the Paintbox studio, Gateway Island, Wodonga.

Do you use acrylic, inks, watercolour or pastel? This workshop will use these mediums in a mixed media format. You can use two or more mediums combined with pastels and learn some new, innovative techniques. If you don’t use pastels here is your chance to give it a go! You do not need to buy pastels as Stephen will provide a wide range of colours for you to use, but if you have your own pastels please bring them along.
Stephen paints mainly with acrylics and pastels, but in this workshop he will be pushing the boundaries in a number of ways. We will be using texture mediums, be doing under painting with with watercolours, acrylics and / or inks and combining these with some pastel work. The amount of pastel is up to you; you may only use pastels for some final detail, (just add a few lines or add some subtle texture) or you may like to mainly use pastels over under painting.

Stephen will demonstrate watercolour under painting on white suede finish Colourfix pastel paper. (I will have this available for us and also some sheets of Colourfix pastel paper. I will also have Colourfix texture medium for us all to use.)
So come along and be excited by a different approach to your work and learn some new skills.
Complete the workshop enrolment form click here and pay the deposit or full amount promptly to ensure your participation. Class number is limited to 12 participants so don’t delay.  FILLING FAST!!!!!
If you have any questions please e-mail or phone me. See contact details on enrolment form.
Judy Balfour
Mixed Media Workshop Co-ordinator

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