Launching artmegallery and “Amazing Australian Artists”

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On 20 March 2015 at 6.30pm, the new artme gallery on the Lincoln Causeway will open for the first time.  artme gallery is the brainchild of AWAS member Alyssa Constable, who has been involved with our society for some time, publishing many of our AWAS artists’ work on her website.

Now Alyssa is proudly opening her new gallery to the public for the first time, using it to launch her new book “Amazing Australian Artists”.  Alyssa and Danielle Gilbert have put together a beautiful coffee table work which celebrates the talents of many local artists, including:

  • Kathy Blakemore
  • Meg Brown
  • Trevor Ierino
  • Stephanie Jakovac
  • Lizabeth Souness
  • Heather Sparks
  • Katharine Rattray
  • And many more….

For more information about the book visit artmegallery.com.au

For the book launch and opening, there is a $5 entry fee, which will be donated in full to Country Hope.

Tips for a Well Hung Painting

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Tips for a Well Hung Painting (from Christina Zey, our Studio Hanging Team Coordinator)

Measure a third of the way down from the top of your frame or stretched canvas on the left and right sides and mark the spot where the screws will go;
Make holes to insert screw eyes. Please do not use the ring and hook style screws as they do not lie flat and project out, which becomes a danger to other works if and when stored against another’s painting. Screw eyes or D-rings are the acceptable hanging method or stapled cords done by professional framers.
Measure about one and a half times the length of the space between the screw eyes for ensuring the correct length of wire/cord for hanging.
Feed the wire or cord through the screw eyes and loop to fasten securely. If using wire, wrap the extra wire around itself ensuring that it is not protruding or hanging loose to cause injury or damage.
The wire should not come further than half way up the frame or canvas from the screw eyes.Test this from the middle of the wire or cord.
Frames are themselves considered a work of art as are the sides of stretched canvases. It is therefore important to ensure that when presenting a stretched canvas for hanging, either the painting should continue around the sides of the canvas or, alternatively, the sides should be painted in a single or toned colour or left clean. This method presents a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for an exhibition.