Barbara Strand

2024 Plant Farm Dates

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13 Feb to 9 Apr – “The Land” (on, from, of the land as well as landscapes)

9 April to 11 June – “Animal Life” (Pets, the farm, wild, birds, insects, people)

11 June to 13 August – “From My Archive”

13 August to 8 October – “Water” (fresh or salt, free or contained)

8 October to 102 December – “Plants” (alive or otherwise, trees, shrubs, flowers, fungi, still life arrangements)

12 December to 12 Feb 2025 – “Summer Sale” All artwork capped at the same maximum price.

2023 Plant Farm Exhibition Dates

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14 Feb 2023 to 11 Apr 2023 – “Monochrome Works”

11 April 2023 to 13 June 2023 – “Landscapes and Seascapes”

13 June 2023 to 8 August 2023 – “Feet and/or Footwear”

8 August 2023 to 10 October 2023 – “Rejected/Dejected”

10 October 2023 to 12 December 2023 – “Temperature”

12 December 2023 to 12 Feb 2024 – “Summer Sale”

Workshops 2021

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May 1 & 2 Pastel Workshop with Regina Hona

See March Newsletter for details and Registration Form.

May 28 & 29 “Colour Mixing and Plant Portraits”

See March Newsletter for details and Registration Form.

Meeting Dates

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19 Feb, 22 Apr, 17 June, 19 Aug, 21 Oct, Dec tba.


18 Mar, 20 May, 15 Jul, 16 Sep, 18 Nov.

2020 Plant Farm Exhibition Schedule

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Our Wodonga Plant Farm Exhibition Schedule is as follows:

11 Feb 2020 – 7 Apr 2020 “Land and Sea”

7 Apr 2020 – 2 June 2020 “Anything Abstract”

2 June 2020 – 4 August 2020 “Still Life”

4 Aug 2020 – 6 Oct 2020 “Dwelling Place”

6 Oct 2020 – 1 Dec 2020 “Figures and Faces”

1 Dec 2020 – 9 Feb 2021 “Christmas Specials – Under $150”


Changeover usually is the first Tuesday of every second month. Be there to collect paintings or drop off new ones at 2.30pm.

Coordinator is Tanya Healey. (02) 6056 2869.

Mitta Valley Easter Art/Photography Show 2019

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$3000 Prize Money

Click here for entry form.


Pastel Workshop 30 Jun & 1 Jul

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Ross Paterson will be the tutor for this workshop, to be held 30 June & 1 July 2018.

Morning at Warrock-Pastel 45 x 66 cm Painted 2002

The workshop theme is “Using light to Create Dynamic Pastel Paintings”.  Ross is internationally acclaimed and one of Australia’s most influential artists, excelling in the mediums of pastel, oil, and watercolour.  He has exhibited in all mediums both in Australia and overseas.  As a pastel painter, Ross is in constant demand for his tutorials throughout Australia, China, NZ, Europe and other overseas countries.  Ross is a very generous and methodical teacher who imparts knowledge in a concise and positive manner for all levels of development.

Click here for the Enrolment Form.  Please email it to Coordinator Colin Parnaby or call 0409 904 314 as soon as possible if you have any questions regarding the workshop.   A materials list is now available for all applicants.

The cost is $160 with full payment due by 11 May.

Check out Ross’s website if you would like to see examples of Ross’s work.

Meeting Dates 2018

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Committee Meetings

8.30am Wed 21 March

8.30am Wed 16 May

8.30am Wed 19 Jul

8.30am Wed  19 Sep

General Meetings

12 midday Wed 21 Feb

12 midday Wed 18 Apr

12 Midday Wed 20 Jun

12 Midday Wed 15 Aug


Sunday 17 October

Acrylics Workshop with Craig Penny

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When: Sat 28 & Sun 29 July 2018

Register promptly to make sure you don’t miss this exciting opportunity.  Click here for Enrolment form.

Craig is a well-established professional artist whose works are collected here and overseas by both private collectors and galleries. He is in high demand as a tutor and also conducts painting tours overseas.  He showed an interest in art at an early age and went on to study to study art at Ballarat University, specialising in painting and graphic design. He also pursued a successful career as an illustrator.

Whilst Craig has skills in a range of mediums he has never lost his love of traditional methods and now specialises in watercolour and acrylics.

Craig’s painting philosophy is:
“I like to think that to paint a successful painting is not so much to have tamed the beast, rather to have been taken along for the ride and still be there at the end of the experience. For me painting is like life…giving yourself enough skill, knowledge and integrity and then letting yourself free to take what is thrown your way.
You don’t have to tame and control it for magic to happen, you just need to be there at the end.”

Two keys to Craig’s work are:
• His wonderful use of bold colours.
• His expressive mark making, with sweeping broad brushstrokes.
The theme for this workshop is WATER. Craig’s paintings of water have an ephemeral feel that draws you into the mood of the painting.

See examples of his paintings below, where you can readily see those glowing colours and masterful brushstrokes.

Check out Craig’s inspiring works on his website

Also watch him in action on You Tube, including the “Colour in Your Life” episode This runs for 24 minutes.


Great article in the Border Mail

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Thanks to Tanya Healy and Kathy Bruce for arranging this wonderful publicity in the Border Mail this week.